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* Heel-proof recessed grates
Driveway grates
* Storm water grates
* Now offering Stainless steel grates
* Drainage & pit grates
* House footings & stumps
* Structural brackets made to order
* Contract welding
* 'Eco-Fab' tree lifting baskets
* 'Hog Bridge'
* General and Custom engineering
* All trailer & general repairs
* Custom projects
* After hours welding & repair service's
* Bollards
* No job is ever to small
* Private, Commercial and Industrial
* We supply Australia wide
* We have galv. grates in stock

Shed 8 / 18 Endeavour Drive. Kunda Park.
Queensland. 4556.
  Phone  :  07 5445 3583
  Fax       :  07 5456 1425
                Email   :

Open 7-00 till 3-30. 
Monday to Friday
24  / 7 after hours emergency service is available now.
'Specialising in'
Based on the Sunshine Coast, and supplying all driveway, trench, storm water, heel safe and pit box grates, as well as custom builds to suit any size at factory wholesale prices.
Stainless Steel  shower, balcony and driveway grates now catered for.
Whilst we have standard size galvanised grates in stock and ready for pick up right now, our stainless range is made to order.
'For professional results in Stainless and galvanised steel grates'.
Updated on: 19  /4 / 2011.
sunshine coast grates
stormwater grates
tree baskets
galvanised grates
driveway grates
Hog Bridge
We update this website ever week, and we will
return your emails and phone calls the same day.