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This is our Eco - Fab Tree Basket. Fantastic for transporting trees, or setting them up to be lifted for planting. They are 1.0m deep, the same across the top, and we rate them at 1 metric tonne. Simply line with hession, place the tree inside and lower into the ground on the 4 lifting points at the top of the basket, snip the lifting luggs off or fold them over and leave the whole unit in the ground to rott away. They are not treated, painted or galvanised.
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Grate - Tek Engineering

The 'Eco Fab' tree lifting basket.

Grate - Tek Engineering  designed and manufactured this product for the tree transportation and transplanting industry.
The Eco-Fab tree basket has been successfully tried and tested and used over many years,
revolutionizing the industry.
The Eco fab tree basket has proven itself the better alternative to any other method used in the Horticultural industry.
The tree basket has been designed in such a way that it will lift 750 kilos or more. We rate it to 1000 kilos.
It is manufactured from 6mm steel rod with MIG welded joints, has 4 lifting points and when used in conjunction with a tree spade, has proved to be the most economical, time saving and safest way to transport and transplant trees.

NB: Bulk orders of tree baskets also enjoy discounted rates

Method of use:

The tree is lifted out of the ground,
The basket is lined with Hessian and placed into the hole that the tree came out of,
The tree spade then places the tree into the Hessian lined basket.
The tree is strapped into the basket and lifted out of the hole and is now ready for transport.
When the tree arrives on site it is lifted from the transport vehicle and placed in a prepared hole as is.
The lifting points can then be bent down or cut off and a thin layer of soil can be spread around the tree.
In time, the tree basket and Hessian will rot away.
The basket is not painted, treated or galvanized in any way.


Depth: 0.750m
Width: 1.0m
Carry weight: 750 to 1000 kg.
Lifting points: 4
Construction: MIG welded.

Ordering and further information.

Grate - Tek Engineering: 07 54453583