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If your like me and like parking your Harley inside your house, you might strike trouble getting it over your sliding door tracks. The last thing you need is to damage those little fins that your door runs on.
Here is the way I solved the problem. The 'Hog Bridge' allows access in and out over the top of your sliding door trackwork, with no damage. Just pick it up and place it over the top of the tracks, PUSH the bike out over the top of the 'Hog Bridge'.
For god sake don't start it inside the house and ride it out, your wife, ( the minister for war and finance ), will not be amused, then lift it out and stash it in the corner until you need to bring your bike back inside.
There are many uses for this type of access device, and this is only one. The 'Hog Bridge' has been tested to make sure it can support at least 320 Kilos of down force without flexing and hitting what ever you have underneath.
We can make this device to any spec. to fit any opening.
Call or Email us for more details.

How we know that the 'Hog Bridge' will support the weight of a 320 Kilo Motorcycle....
Here's how you can get your pride and joy inside the house without damaging those fragile little tracks that your glass door slides on.
At 'Grate - Tek' We don't sell anything that has'nt been tested. This is how I get my bike in and out of our Recording / Photography Studio doorway without damaging anything.
Firstly, place the Hog Bridge over those fragile little tracks, make sure that your lined up properly, and slowly ease your machine over the Hog Bridge. This is one of many applications this device can be used for, and we will build them to suit your specific needs. The bridge Andy is useing below is our 'type - 1' at 700 mm long by 200 mm wide with a ground to plate clearence of 75 mm. It can be stored anywhere..